Announcement for Info Days - 17.10.2019 - 11:53

Through the Info Days closer to the citizens and the potential investors for allocation of the IPARD program funds

For the purpose of higher information of the possibilities and the manner of applying for funding under the current Call for Measure 7 Farm Diversification and Business Development through the IPARD Program, we would like to inform you that representatives from the Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development, MAFWE and the IPARD Managing Authority will host info days in several settlements. On the following link you can view the schedule for the Info Days.

At the info days, all interested parties can be informed in detail regarding the required documentation, the funding opportunity, i.e. which investments are eligible for funding under the Public Call 01/2019 for Measure 7 "Farm Diversification and Business Development".
This measure supports investments in modernizing existing or opening new plants for production of pasta, beverages, pastries, bakery products, farms for breeding rabbits, game, wood and timber, aquaculture farms for sweet water fish, accommodation facilities as well as opening restaurants. Under the Program, up to 65% of the eligible costs of the investment will be reimbursed to the applicants through the IPARD 2 Program funds.
The effective use of this measure will contribute to the creation of new jobs in rural areas which will reduce the depopulation in rural areas, improve the quality of life in the rural areas and increase the level of economic activity. The measure "Farm Diversification and Business Development" contributes to the development of the most powerful part of the economy, namely the small and medium-sized enterprises which are the strength of the domestic economy.
Total funds available for implementation of investments under this measure are EUR 16.6 million. Applicants may submit their applications no later than 18th November 2019.