ANNOUNCEMENT - 21.01.2020 - 11:08

The construction of a livestock farm in Prilep will contribute to the development of the livestock breeding, will provide domestic meat production and new jobs

The President of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev, said that the construction of the livestock farm "Gold Land" is a contribution to the local economic development of the municipality of Prilep and its vicinity by increasing the number of employees, promotion of the local economy of the domestic market and the markets of the neighboring countries by introducing the highest world standards for the safe food production and meeting the customer requirements.
"This is the biggest IPARD investment and we are happy to announce it today. This is a very important investment facility for the development of bovine fattening and livestock breeding in general for the country, which largely provides beef from imports. It is important that new jobs will be created and we will finally have beef production at home, in our market and for our citizens," said Prime Minister Zaev, adding that this investment is also a symbiosis of great friendship between the Republic of North Macedonia and Federal Republic of Germany, which trade exceeds 4 billion euros.
The Prime Minister Zaev emphasized that this investment is an example of how the experience and knowledge from abroad should be brought home and sent a message to the young people to return home, since there are conditions for investments, development and progress.
“This company confirms that. Via support of the IPARD program and any institutional support, we have show that we take care of the balanced regional development, local economic development and the overall economic development of the country, which is a service for implementation of the ideas", concluded Prime Minister Zaev.
The Deputy Prime Minister in charge of European Affairs, Mr. Bujar Osmani, the National IPA Coordinator, explained that through the IPA Rural Development Program for the period 2014-2020 were available EUR 60 million and said that he is convinced of successful use of this instrument.
"This is a direct preparation of the country and the agricultural sector for the implementation of European Agricultural Policy and the funds available after the country membership. From my point of view, I can say with pleasure that the experience for allocation of these funds is increasing both in terms of the institutional capacity and in terms of meeting the customer needs and the availability of funding sources for their business ideas and potentials," said Osmani, and added that through the institutional harmonization with the EU Food Safety Policy can be achieved competitiveness of the Macedonian companies and the opportunity for export of the Macedonian products in the EU.
The Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Mr. Trajan Dimkovski, indicated that the "Gold Land" company has withdrawn most of the funds under the Measure “Investments in Physical Assets of Agriculture Holdings” from the IPARD 2 Program. The total investment is in the amount of 2.5 million euros, out of which 1.5 million are funds that will be returned to the investor after the construction of the facility.
"The investments in livestock breeding, especially in industries such as cattle breeding, are of significant importance of the meat industry, which in the past two and a half years has been quietly developed," said Minister Dimkovski.
The Director of the Agency for Financial Support in the Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Nikolche Babovski, said that this is a historic moment, because for the first time we do not have to return money and the state will not pay fines for unused funds, but we will ask for more money from the EU for the realization of more such successful capacities that will develop the domestic agro - sector.
"That we are on the right track show the latest data. Via the IPARD II Programme to date have been signed 1,441 contracts with a total value of EUR 32.2 million”, said Director Babovski and announced that the new call for Measure 1 - Investments in physical assets of agricultural holdings is underway.
The construction and equipping of this livestock arm - Gold Land with modern equipment according to European standards, is an investment worth almost four million euros. Over 2.5 million euros have been accepted as part of the co-financing, of which one million euros are provided by the investor, while the remaining funds as a non-refundable grant provided by IPA worth over 1.1 million euros, were national co-financing of 375,000 euros.