The Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and Rural Development has made the first payment from the IPARD Program 2007 -2013.

After successfully implementing the investment for drip irrigation system and mulcher, the Agency has made a payment to the beneficiary DPTU Mikasta DOO in the amount of 275.032,50 denars, out of which 206.274,50 denars are EU funds, while 68.758,00 are funds from the budget of R. Macedonia.

On the first Call for submission of applications for allocation of funds from the EU Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance for Rural Development (IPARD) were submitted 133 applications. The total projected budget for the first Call was an amount of 24.320.000 euros, a cumulative budget for 2007-2009. The Agency has signed 27 contracts with total value of 3, 8 million euros i.e. the co-financed amount by the beneficiaries was 1, 9 million euros.
In addition, besides the reimbursed funds for the above-mentioned company, another 6 investments have been realized and the Agency has received the claims for payment. Underway are the final on-the-spot controls for these investments. It is expected that the first payments shall be made in January 2011, with intensification of the payment for the remaining projects by May-June i.e. by the expiration of the necessary period for implementation of the investment.