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INFORMATION - 10.04.2009


The Agency for financial support of agriculture and rural development (AFSARD) was granted national accreditation by the National Authorizing Officer (NAO) on the 5th of March 2009, as a part of the operating structure for implementing the funds from the fifth component of the Instrument for pre-accession assistance from the European Union (IPARD). This accreditation is a part of an overall process of fulfilling the right of the Republic of Macedonia as a candidate country for full membership in the European Union (EU), to manage the pre-accession funds of the EU funds from the 5th component of pre-accession assistance (IPARD) In the area of agriculture and rural development, up to 45,5 million euros in a period of 2007-2011 will be made available after finishing the process of conferral of management rights from the European Commission (EC), General directorate for Agriculture and rural development.

We would also like to use this opportunity to inform the public of the complexity of the overall process of acquisition of rights for managing the reserved funds from the aspect of independent decision – making in a process of granting of funds by the candidate country without ex-ante control by the EU. Independence in decision making actually means full responsibility of the beneficiary country, but at the same time, it means increased control by the EU, regarding the granting of the right for managing the funds, and justification and affectivity of used funds. This increases the importance and meaningfulness of the performed work by all of the relevant institutions, such as: AFSARD, Managing authority within the Ministry for Agriculture, forestry and water-economy, National fund within the Ministry of finance, Secretariat for European affairs, and Audit Authority within the State audit office.

In the course of the following months, finalization of the process is pending, through demonstration of complete readiness of the structures responsible for implementation of European legislation, from the area of rural development, and implementation of the rules for sound financial management. The process of accreditation will be completed with obtaining the right to manage the European funds, and start of using of granted funds in agriculture and rural development till the end of 2009.

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