198 applications have been received under Measure 7 "Farm Diversification and Business Development" from the IPARD 2 Programme

The deadline for applying for financial support from the IPARD 2 Programme, i.e. Measure 7 "Farm Diversification and Business Development" has expired. Until present, AFSARD has received a total of 198 applications with total amount of requested financial support 25.7 million euros. However, this number is expected to grow in the following days because the applications sent by mail are yet to arrive.

The Director of AFSARD, Mr. Nikica Bachovski, says that the interest for implementation of projects under this Call is also great. This is a good indicator that the domestic companies have an idea how to modernize their companies and open new plants that will have a positive impact on the domestic economy and the unemployment.

"According to the received applications, the highest interest for implementation of projects that will be supported with funds from the IPARD 2 Programme is the sector of alternative production, and for this sector are received 92 applications. In addition, the Agency has received 41 applications for investments in the non-food sector, 37 applications for the sector for development for rural tourism. In regard to the projects and investments in the production of food and beverages were received 19 applications, 4 applications for investments in providing services to agriculture, 3 applications have arrived for implementation of projects for investments in services for the rural population, and 2 applications have arrived for realization of projects, i.e. investments in crafts"- said Bachovski.

The applicants had 45 days to collect all the necessary documentation for the preparation of project proposals. Under the Measure "Farm Diversification and Business Development" will be allocated 13.5 million euros. The financial support per Beneficiary ranges from 1,500 to 1,000,000 euros, not including the value added tax. The return on investment is up to 65% of the total eligible costs.

With the help of funds from the IPARD 2 Programme, the natural and legal entities have the opportunity to modernize the existing or open new micro and small enterprises that will help the domestic agricultural products gain added value. This measure affords an opportunity to develop the rural tourism, as well as a possibility for its promotion.

This measure creates conditions for the development of the rural areas, and the citizens have the opportunity to develop the rural areas as well as create new jobs. The companies that have already implemented investments and projects under Measure 7, "Farm Diversification and Business Development" have increased the production, modernized the capacities and with the new Calls they plan to introduce new investments to expand their range of products.