ASFARD: The Agency has reimbursed the cattle breeders and the registered bee families

The Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and Rural Development today has reimbursed the farmers under the measure for direct payments for marked cattle and registered hive bee families.

Beneficiaries of this financial support are agricultural holdings that breed cattle, i.e., agricultural holdings that own minimum 20 bee families.

8016 cattle breeders have received financial support of 288 million denars.

The Agency has paid 185 million denars to 5099 applicants who own bee families.

"During the past week, the Agency has made several payments that cover the livestock and poultry sectors. Subsidies have been paid for cattle, sheep, goats, sows, bees, broilers and depreciated layers. The total financial support that has been paid amounts to 1 billion and 170 million denars. Since the beginning of the year, including the payments for the crop production, the support that has been paid in just one month amounts to 2.7 billion denars. With these serious funds, we show the commitment of the Government, the Ministry and the AFSARD to maintaining and increasing the agricultural and livestock production" – has emphasized the Director Bachovski.