Equipment funded by the IPARD program: Semi-automatic palletizer, Semi-automatic thermal tunnel with a capacity of 0-5 packages/minute, Turning table (0=100mm) with a capacity of 6000 jars, Compact jar washer (6000 jars/h), Carrier for filling of products (6000 jars/h), Acetal carrier chain with single turn (191x2000mm) (6000 jars/h), 2.8SP cap model with automatic format change and Consultancy services in the preparation of project documentation

Measure: Investments in physical assets concerning processing of agricultural and fishery products

Priority sector: Processing of fruits and vegetables (including potatoes, mushrooms and leguminous crops)
Total value of the investment: MKD 13,814,041.00

Co-financed amount: MKD 6,839,633.00
Amount of support: 50 %