Bachovski from Ovche Pole: With government support in agriculture and rural development to a strong plant and livestock sector

The Director of the Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and Rural Development today visited the Beneficiaries from the Programs for support of the agriculture and rural development in the region of Ovchepole.

As part of the field activities, Bachovski visited the family farm I.F Alek – Daj from the village of Gorobinci, Sveti Nikole. I.F Alek-Daj is a Beneficiary under the Measure for the purchase of high-quality breeding livestock from the Rural Development Program.

With financial support by AFSARD, this farm has been enriched with 30 new cattles of the Simmental breed. These high-quality pedigreed cattle were imported from Hungary, and the financial support for their purchase is in the amount of 3.3 million denars, which represents 75% of the total costs incurred.

Director Bachovski has also visited Sashko Serafimov from Sveti Nikole, who is a beneficiary of financial support from the Programme for Agriculture, the intervention fund and the IPARD Programme.

This individual farmer cultivates more than 50 ha of cereals and is an active beneficiary of several government programs. With financial support through the Program for Direct Payments, providing subsidies for artificial fertilizers through the intervention fund, as well as modernization of the machinery through the IPARD program, this Beneficiary is ready to increase the areas he cultivates, and hence, increase the domestic production of strategic crops.

"It is always nice to see that the Programs we implement and the financial support we provide result in development in agriculture and animal husbandry. We enter in 2023 with increased support for agriculture and rural development, the largest domestic budget so far and with a new chapter of the IPARD Programme with a budget of 120 million euros. All this support will be made available to all farmers and herders, with the aim of stimulating domestic food production and processing – has emphasized the Director Bachovski.

Last week, the Agency has realized payment for maintenance of vineyards and for cultivation of grain crops in total of 17 million euros to 15,000 winegrowers and 24,000 farmers.