ASFARD: The Agency paid the direct payments for produced and delivered cow's, sheep's and goat's milk have been paid

 The Agency for Financial Support in the Agriculture and Rural Development has made a payment of direct payments for produced and delivered cow's, sheep's and goat's milk.

The Agency has paid 143.7 million denars to over 5300 milk producers.

The Beneficiaries of this sub-measure are agricultural holdings - producers of cow’s, goats and sheep milk registered as breeders of cattle, sheep and goats in the Register of Farms for certain types of animals and their own production and have handed it over to a registered purchaser of raw milk.

The amount of the support is MKD 3.5/liter for produced and delivered cow's milk and 4.5/liter for produced and delivered sheep's and goat's milk.

"After receiving the lists from the processing facilities and their administrative processing, the Agency today has made a payment for the produced and delivered milk for the period from January to April 2022. In the next period, we will continue processing the requests for financial support in agriculture for crop and livestock production" - informs director Bachovski

In addition, we remind all agricultural holdings that the application for direct payments under the Program for Financial Support of the Agriculture 2023 is underway and the expiry date is until June 30. The Beneficiaries can submit their applications electronically through the e-subsidies portal or use the services of the operators from regional units at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.