AFSARD: Paid circa 224.4 million denars for garden crops delivered in processing capacities

The Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and Rural Development today have made a payment of circa to 224.4 million denars to 3,821 Beneficiaries for additional direct payments for the Sub-Measure 1.4 for horticultural crops delivered to processing facilities.

- Beneficiaries of this sub-measure are agricultural holdings that have planted areas with garden crops and are beneficiaries of sub-measure 1.4 of this Decree, the production must be delivered to processing facilities for vegetables directly or through a registered buyer in the period from December 26, 2021 to 25 December 2022, including the products of garden crops for those in need of their own processing capacity, recorded in the Register of buyers of agricultural products.

- The amount of direct payments amounts to 3 denars per kilogram for all garden crops.

The Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development continues to implement measures for support in agriculture and rural development