Bachovski: Realized payment of 88.6 million denars to 5400 users for produced and delivered milk

The Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development has reimbursed the direct payments for produced and delivered cow's, sheep's and goat's milk.

The Agency has paid 88.6 million denars to over 5400 milk producers.

Beneficiaries of this sub-measure are agricultural holdings - producers of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk registered as breeders of cattle, sheep and goats in the Register of farms for certain types of animals and own production and have delivered it over to a registered purchaser of raw milk.

The amount of the support is MKD 3.5/liter for produced and delivered cow's milk and 4.5/liter for produced and delivered sheep's and goat's milk.

"Today, the Agency made the payment for produced and delivered milk in May and June 2022. In the past period, the Agency has also made payment for delivered milk from January - April 2023, thus with today's premium on this basis, the Agency has paid over 232 million denars,'' explained the Director Bachovski.