Bachovski: The Agency has started allocating the financial support for purchase of tractors


Today in Bitola, the Director of ASFRAD, Mr. Bachovski together with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy, Mr. Nikolovski have solemnly awarded the first Decisions for financial support for procurement of tractors.

This type of funding is based on the principle of co-financing the investment in the amount of 50 - 75% of its total value.

At the event, which was attended by farmers and representatives of domestic suppliers of agricultural machinery, the Director Bachovski informed about the procedure implemented in relation to the measure.

"This event marks the beginning of allocation of financial support in the form of Decisions for 730 farmers. For this type of support, the Agency has earmarked 500 million denars from the Rural Development Program. In the past period, the Agency actively worked on implementing the Programs for Direct Payments and payment of Subsidies, the implementation of the Intervention Fund, as well as on the preparations for the new IPARD 3 Programming Period, which is a new opportunity for the modernization of agricultural holdings, processing facilities and rural environments”, pointed out Bachovski.

In his address, the Director also informed about the following activities of the Agency, which include payment of the premium for produced and delivered milk, as well as direct payments for used certified seed material.