Bachovski: Awarded 16 Decisions for co-financing investments in fisheries and aquaculture in the amount of 550 thousand euros

 Today, the Director of the Agency for Financial Support in Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Nikica Bachovski, together with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, MR. Ljupco Nikolovski, met with beneficiaries from the Program for Financial Support of the Fisheries and Aquaculture.

16 decisions were delivered for co-financing investments in fisheries and aquaculture with a total financial support of 33 million denars.

Beneficiaries of this financial support are registered reprocenters for the production of reproductive and stocking material, fish concessionaires for commercial fishing, as well as entities registered for aquaculture activities such as fish processors or fish processors.

The approved investments are co-financed in the amount of 50% - 65% of the value of the approved eligible costs. The financial support is non-refundable, and it is paid after the full implementation of the investment and on the basis of a submitted claim for payment and completed administrative and field controls.

"The support in fisheries and aquaculture is another mechanism through which the Agency for Financial Support motivates the beneficiaries to invest in the domestic production and processing of fish and fishery products. These 16 Decisions include investments in construction of shhepfolds, pumping stations and hose installations, installation of photovoltaic panels on fish ponds, procurement of fish delivery trucks, fish transport tanks, incubators and processing equipment. The interest that exists among investors as well as the enviable support that is granted further confirms that North Macedonia has excellent prerequisites for the further development of fisheries and aquaculture as sectors that will be supported in the future through the European Fund for Agriculture and Rural Development - IPARD III'' - pointed out the Director Bachovski.